What is the Most Overlooked Car Safety Feature? — Reasons You Need Windshield Defense

Posted on Sep 25, 2017

When we think of what keeps us safe in our vehicles, it’s a no-brainer that airbags and seat belts arrive on top of the list. We’re all too familiar that wearing a seat belt can save your life (thanks, Mom and Dad) and that airbags are an important safety feature in a vehicle… But what about windshields? 

Windshields probably don’t swipe to the top of your “car safety features” list, but ultimately it is the car’s structure that lends us safety and durability. Windshields aid tremendously in the strength of your car; contributing to your car’s overall integrity. Unfortunately, windshields are one of the most overlooked car safety features, so it is very important to know that facts about windshield defense. 

The Facts About Windshield Defense:

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than 5 million Americans are involved in car injury-accidents per year. Thirty percent of those accidents transpired in an occupant being ejected from the vehicle. Windshields play a vital safety role if involved in a front-end collision.

Why Are Windshields An Important Safety Feature?

Like airbags, the front windshield is an essential factor in your car’s safety restraint system. During front-end collisions, the structure and durability of the windshield are essential for the structure of the vehicle’s cabin. In-car accidents resulting in an overturned vehicle, the windshield supports the vehicle’s weight and prevents the roof from caving in. Your windshield is the second line of defense in a front-end collision. Rocks and other debris you encounter during adverse road conditions create dents and cracks, and either instantly or over time, reduce your windshield’s overall strength. 

Get The Windshield Protection You Need.

The overall integrity of our vehicles is imperative to our safety and livelihood. It is also essential to protect our automobile investments. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe by installing a strong window defense film. Strong windshield defense film prevents the glass from shattering in a collision and reduces chips and scratches to your windshield. Our highly-scratch resistant and unique free-of-maintenance screen protection films deliver structural integrity.

Why Would I Need Windshield Defense Film?

As the first and only optically-clear windshield defense protection film, ClearPlex is designed to take on any road or obstacle, no matter the circumstances. The purpose of ClearPlex is to deliver overall strength and a durable structure to your vehicle. Windshield defense film aids in the prevention of window glass breakage and keeps your windshield safe from scratches, dents, and dings from debris.

Every year, over 10 million low-quality windshields are replaced, which results in 10% of landfills occupying these glass panels. Even worse, safety glass is not biodegradable or recyclable. 

Utilizing ClearPlex a protective film in your vehicle helps increase your car’s integrity and durability aids the environment, lessens landfills, and reduces your carbon footprint.

Benefits of Windshield Defense Film— ClearPlex:

  • It is the only exterior windshield defense on the market that is optically-clear and scratch-resistant
  • Technology designed by cutting-edge professors
  • Backed by manufacturer warranty
  • Features UV stabilizers which protect you and your vehicle from harmful UV rays
  • Reduces your carbon footprint and lessens landfills

Tips for Taking Care of Your Windshield

  • Always clean your windshield with a cotton cloth.
  • Do not use harsh cleaning supplies or ammonia-based solutions on your windshield because this can destroy the glass tint.
  • Be careful where you park. Car doors banged on your car create vibrations that cause existing windshield cracks to expand.

Windshield defense is designed to keep your windshield STRONG and keep you and your car safe if in the instance of a collision. At All Pro Window Tinting, our window film professionals will install strong windshield defense film in your vehicle. Our unique maintenance-free and highly scratch-resistant screen protection films improve the structural integrity of your windows and your vehicle. Contact us or give us a call today at (770) 479-8468 for your new windshield protective film!

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