High Performance & Great Value Auto Tint

The hybrid spectral filtering technology allows Black Ceramic films to reject up to 65% of the total solar energy. Enhanced with a true-grey color tone to give your vehicle the ultimate in aesthetic look and high performance. Available in a variety of shades and backed by the Autobahn™ No-Hassle Limited Lifetime Warranty, Black Ceramic films are an excellent value for automotive consumers who are looking for high performance and great value.

Discover examples of Black Ceramic tint in our photo gallery here.

The World’s Highest Performing Automotive Window Film

Autobahn™ is an exclusive web of stores that provides the consumer a unique automotive experience. The premier network of authorized autobahn™ dealers are revered as the best vehicle enhancement specialists in the automotive industry. Each Dealer’s keen attention to detail will ensure your car is treated as if it’s one of their own. The autobahn™ network of professional window film experts embraces your appreciation for quality, convenience and value, and each of their showrooms represents only the best products available in the car accessories industry. The autobahn™ professionals stand behind the ‘No Hassle Warranty’ backing these state of the art film products powered by Hüper Optik. Hüper Optik proudly has a history of cutting edge technology and unmatched clarity, earning the title of the World’s Highest Performing Automotive Window Films.