Protect Your Car Against Heat and Glare with Auto Window Tinting

Posted on May 19, 2020

People are aware of the risk the sun can pose to your skin.  There are plenty of options and precautions out there that everybody takes advantage of in order to protect their health and prevent negative impact years down the road.  However, are you taking the same approach when it comes to your car?

Sun and heat pose risks to your car that can lead to costly repairs over time as well as contributing to dangerous driving conditions. All Pro Window Tinting cares about keeping you and your passengers, other drivers, and your vehicle protected. Continue reading for factors to consider when deciding to install window film on your automobile.

Why your vehicle needs auto window tinting

UV Rays

The most obvious factor to consider with the sun is the harmful UV rays.  In America, studies have shown an increased diagnosis of skin cancers on the left side of the body.  This correlates with the fact that drivers in automobiles are facing the window with their arm and face exposed on the left side.  Long daily commutes and other frequent travels no doubt contribute to these risks.

Auto window tinting helps reduce the risk of sun exposure by blocking 99% of harmful UV rays. All Pro offers four options for automobile window tinting that will fit all budgets and styles. We look forward to helping you make the right selection for your vehicle.

Interior Damage

Prolonged exposure to heat and sun can damage the interior of your vehicle.  Similar to how your skin can burn or tan, the cloth material seats of your car can fade or otherwise change color with prolonged exposure to the sun.  Likewise, leather dashboards or other surfaces of the interior can crack or peel due to the increased temperatures.

Heat going through your glass gets trapped inside the car, raising to oven-like temperatures.  So essentially, your car is baking in the sun.  Automotive window film helps protect the interior of your car by decreasing the severity of rays and temperature that come through.  This saves you money in repairs over time.

Another way this helps is by protecting you from injury.  How often have you gotten in a hot car only to be burned by the buckle or hot leather seats?  All Pro’s automotive window tinting will help keep your car and your skin safe!


We have all had it happen.  You are making your morning commute and as you round a corner or get over a hill, the sun blinds you.  No matter how you try and adjust your visor or squint, it doesn’t help.  Not only is this a frustrating daily routine, but it is dangerous for you and others.

Hindered visibility increases your chance of being involved in a wreck.  Help reduce the severity of sun glare with automotive window film.  It also helps at night as well by reducing the glare from headlights on the road or reflecting off wet roads too.  Protect yourself and your vehicle today.

Professional Auto Window Tinting In Atlanta, Ga

All Pro Window Tinting cares about keeping you safe on the road!  We offer a complete line of automotive window tinting films and our trained installers have years of experience providing quality expert service to customers.  Get a quote today or call us at (770) 479-8468 for more information.

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