Flood Your Home With Natural Light With Residential Window Tinting

Posted on Jun 23, 2017

Don’t hide natural light with curtains, shades or blinds…there’s a better alternative! Large, open windows throughout a residence are a key selling point to any home. Windows add elements of light and elegance while creating a pleasing aesthetic. However, large, open windows have downfalls of excessively high energy bills, furniture and artwork fading, distracting glares on your computer or TV during your favorite show, and much more. With residential window tinting, homeowners have the ability to experience the benefits of large windows with lower energy costs and increased safety and protection for their home. Check out the top three benefits of residential window tinting below.

Top 3 Benefits of Residential Window Tinting:

1. Increased Energy Savings

Installing window tint in your home can directly lower your energy bill and create a comfortable environment for everyone in your home. Residential window tint minimizes heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer, which will reflect significantly on your next energy bill.

2. Protect Your Home & Belongings

In order to reduce glare, block incoming harmful sun rays, and protect the integrity of your furniture and artwork, home windows are typically covered and disguised with curtains and shades. While curtains and shades may be tasteful additions to your home, incoming light and overall brightness must be compromised to protect your home. Residential window tinting allows you to flood your home with natural light, while eliminating the fear of your belongings being damaged. Residential window tinting notably reduces the fading of furniture, carpet, woodwork, and artwork. Window tinting is not just limited to classic window frames and doorways, window film can even be added to a skylight or roof window to help protect your home.

3. Safety and Protection

Being health-aware is important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but when you are sitting inside your home enjoying the big game, protecting you and your family from the sun’s harmful UV rays is not usually your top priority. Residential window tinting helps block 99% of harmful UV rays from entering your home and negatively impacting your family’s health. In addition, window tinting creates added layers of durability to protect your family and home from natural disasters, glass-related injuries, theft and other disastrous situations.

Interested in Residential Window Tinting?

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