Reasons Why Should Never DIY Window Tinting

Posted by on Jul 30, 2014 in Blog, Return On Investment

Just because DIY window tint kits are sold, does NOT mean that tinting your windows yourself is a good idea. According to Angie’s List, here are four of the reasons you want to hire a professional to tint your windows for you: 1. They are familiar with film to glass specifications: Did you know that the incorrect tint could actually be harmful to the windows? Hiring a professional will ensure the correct tint is applied to each window in your car, home, or office....

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Reap all of the Benefits of Solar Control Window Films

Posted by on Jun 25, 2014 in Blog, Energy Savings, Return On Investment, Safety & Security

How to Reap the Benefits of Solar Control Window Films New solar control window films help to decrease the amount of damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays that enter into the office or home setting. When it comes to the office, too much sunlight coming into the space can cause damage to the skin of your employees. Too much exposure to UV rays can lead to skin cancer. These destructive rays can also damage furniture and other items in your office. If your business is a retail...

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Stop UV Rays from entering your home with Residential Window Tinting

Posted by on Jun 5, 2014 in Blog, Energy Savings, Return On Investment

Many homeowners continue to search for ways in which they can save on their utility bills, especially as energy prices rise. Some choose to replace old appliances with new eco-friendly appliances while some switch to light bulbs that save energy. The amount of energy that gets lost through the windows, though, is not a money-saving aspect of energy conservation that most people think about. When window treatments or windows themselves are ineffective, as much as 30% of the...

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Can Window Film Help You Save Money On Your Energy Bills?

Posted by on Mar 17, 2014 in Blog, Energy Savings, Return On Investment

Window Film Can Cut Energy Bills In today’s economic climate, homeowners and business owners alike are constantly looking for ways to cut costs. Energy costs are on the rise, and people are looking for ways to lower their utility bills. In addition to the benefit of lower energy bills, individuals are starting to take more responsibility for the well-being of the planet. People are “Going Green” and looking for small changes they can make to be more...

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Window Films Are Growing More Popular in Non-Residential Buildings

Posted by on Feb 17, 2014 in Blog, Energy Savings, Return On Investment

The #1 Way to Save Money in Non-Residential Buildings Window films are proving over and over to be an economical solution when it comes to reducing energy costs, especially in the hotter months. This is especially true in regards to municipalities that are dealing with aging infrastructure, as outlined in a recent article from The Municipal. In this article, window films are described as “the number one retro-fit application in terms of monetary savings most buildings...

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Angie Hicks of Angie’s List Praises Solar Window Films

Posted by on Nov 11, 2013 in Blog, Energy Savings, Return On Investment, Safety & Security

It’s starting to get cold outside, and if you’re a homeowner, surely, you can relate to having that one room that never gets as warm as the rest of the house. You can waste a lot of energy buying little space heaters, and then you will find that your power bill has gone up, and it’s still not warm enough to hang out in comfortably. Window films can help you to keep that one room the same temperature as the rest of the house. They can prevent you from...

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