5 Benefits To Automobile Window Tint

Posted on Mar 11, 2019

Atlanta is one of the most climate friendly cities in the US. People flock here in droves every year for new job opportunities, economic growth, the abundance of culture, and of course, the incredible weather. Dubbed, “HotLanta” by many, Atlanta sees mild winters, beautiful springtimes, and well….scorching summers. Atlantans are accustomed to the sun’s heavy and hot rays from spring until fall. Outside attractions are packed with visitors but our cars feel a bit differently about the sun’s rays. Custom window tint for your automobile brings many benefits for living in such a warm and sunny climate that not only benefit your car’s upkeep but also keeps you safe and comfortable as the driver.

Here are 5 key benefits for tinting your automobile’s windows:

#1 Protection From UV Rays

The sun emits harmful UVA and UVB rays which causes skin cancer in humans. Shockingly, 53% of all skin cancer in the US is found on the left side of the body. This is due to the fact that as we drive day in and day out, the skin on our arms and face on the left side is exposed to the sun’s damaging rays through our car window. Custom auto window film and tint can block 99% of the sun’s damaging UV rays from entering our car and in turn, injuring our skin cells. UV rays can also damage your car’s interiors, causing warping, cracks, and discoloration.

#2 Protection From Fading

As the sun beats down against your car’s exterior, fading can begin to occur. The interior fabric, leather, wood grains, vinyl, and plastics will all show wear from the harsh rays seeping in. No matter what the cost or value your car holds, it is one of your most important investments and keeping it like new not only brings a pleasant aesthetic but helps retain its value when you are ready to trade it in or sell it.

#3 Keep Out The Heat

After your engine, the air conditioning in your car eats up more gas than anything else while you drive. Automobile window tinting blocks out the sun’s warmth and keeps your car cooler while driving and when parked. So you can cut back on your AC levels which will cut back on gas and save you money. Auto window film can reduce heat in your car from as little as 35% to as much as 65% depending on the tint’s grade. In electric cars, auto window tinting film keeps the car and battery cooler and helps from exerting unneeded energy and wasting battery life.

#4 Reduces Shattered Glass

Automobile window film makes the glass much sturdier than before. When faced with an accident, custom tinted window glass will not shatter all over passengers and reduces the risk of shards cutting them. Auto window film also keeps windshields from cracking and shattering when objects from the road fly up and hit them.

#5 Enhanced Privacy & Security

Automobile window tinting and film brings heightened security and privacy to your car by blocking out burglars’ visibility and keeping your valuables safe from anyone trying to sneak a peek inside your car. It also brings privacy while you are driving while keeping peering eyes blocked from inside your travels. Car thieves are much more likely to pass over your car if it is tinted and has limited access to what is inside.


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