Protective Coatings

All Pro Window Tinting is excited to announce that we are now partnered with ClearGuard Nano, XPel, and Gtechniq for ceramic coating and paint protection films.

Paint Protection Film Service

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Paint Protection Film was developed by the military during the Vietnam war to protect helicopters and infantry vehicles from shrapnel and debris. Paint Protection Film is now widely available for consumer use, protecting autos against scratches, dings, nicks, bug stains, tree sap, dirt, grime, and lasts up to 10 years.

Ceramic Coating Service

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Ceramic Coating offers protection to your automobile’s paint by using a liquid polymer that is applied to the surface much like wax does. Unlike wax, ceramic coating adheres to your car’s paint and forms a bond that does not wash away or fade. Once installed you will have a deeper paint without swirl marks.